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Product Repair

Hello, to standardize product maintenance processes to ensure 100% pass rate service, please note the following requirements:

Hello Dear Customer:

Thanks for your support. If you transport the goods like motor, driver, laser, server driver, control board, etc to SMTSKY company for repairing, please pay attention to the repairing procedure and transportation requirements:

1. Describe the brand, size, model and serial number of the product in malfunction.

2. Describe in which way and how the product fails to work, and what’s the error code?

3. We will offer the best price for you after we get the information you provided. Please give us accurate information, so that we can repair and test more efficiently.

4. The client give order to SMTSKY.

5. Product delivered to SMTSKY.

6. Product repairing, which is normally completed in 2-3 days since getting your product.

7. Product delivered to the client.

8. After-sales service: a 3 –months’ guarantee period for the same malfunction of the same product.

The Whole SMT Line Equipment Provider

  • VIp Servicer:Amy.Zhao;Mobile phone:+86-186 6699 8490
  • Manage:SMT Parts & AI Parts Production and Sales.
  • Product:Nozzle,Feeder,Valve,Motor,DRIVER,Cylinder,Sensor,Fuji glue,Antistatic,ESD,Splice,Consumables & More.

We accept the way business:

SMTSKY Asia Limited

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SMTSKY Business Department

  • The First Business Department:4th Floor,Pingdong 3 Road 22#,Nanping Science & Technology Industrial Park,Zhuhai,China
  • The Second Business Department:2-8-1# Yuzhong District Longxi Road 34 red gold street(take the light rail line 3 red ditches on the 3rd exit straight 100 meters)
  • The Third Business Department:1-2002# Hefei New Station District Yaohai before Quanjiao Road junction with Station Road King Wing Garden(under construction, railway station exit turn left 300 meters)