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SMTSKY Commitment
Quality Policy
  We strictly follow the standard of ISO 9001 under the guide line of “Quality First “and “Customers First”. We strive to make qualified, environmental friendly products as a reliable supplier and producer. We bear no tolerance to any practice of purchasing, producing or selling bad products. And we keep optimizing our system to make sure efficiency and quality.

Date of Goods Delivery

Quote: 24 hours at the latest reply

Order: common product delivery within three days, three days of delivery, very provisions made 10 days

Stock: Same day shipping

After-sale Service

  Warranty of different types of the product:

  A-TYPE: unconditional return or replacement in 1 month, and express cost paid by SMTSKY

  B-TYPE: If no quality trouble, we don’t accept return or replacement. If any quality trouble in 1 week, we can replace the same goods or return goods .Express cost from you, ship to you express cost from SMTSKY can pay for shipment .You should pay for the cost if you need to use express.

  C-TYPE: If no quality trouble, we don’t accept return or replacement. If any quality trouble in 1 week, we can replace the same goods or return goods. All express cost are to be paid by the client. No-type quality: If with no quality grades, quality warranty be the same with B-type same

Warranty Service

  1. Original new or used or other brand products quality warranty 1-2 week(such as nozzle, feeder ,motor, board, driver, sensor, cylinder, other brand products etc).Please check the product in case that it is damaged during transportation.
Copy feeder quality warranty 1 year(SMTSKY brand)

  3. Copy nozzle quality warranty 1-6 month(SMTSKY brand).

  4. Other SMTSKY brand metal spare parts, quality warranty 1-6 week, so it is with AI and SMT spare parts.

  5. Other brand machine and instrument and tool and ESD products etc, quality warranty 1-2 week.

  6. Repair products quality warranty 1-3 month, such as laser, motor driver etc.

Description of A/B/C type of product:

  A-type quality : The best quality,almost equal to the original ones.

  B-type quality :Good quality.

  C-type quality : Meet the requirement of normal work Different grade products differ from materials, precision, service life to unit price. And their quality warranty terms are different.


  A.Why no goods return after 1 week upon receving

  Hello Dear:

  When you receive our package, please check goods quality soon in case of any quality problem. If there is any qulity problem, we can repair, exchange or return for you (must receive your returned goods in 10 days), this is our quality warranty policy.

  This week is for you to confirm whether you can accept the product and the date.

  Because my supplier only give me one week's quality guarantee period for this product. My suppliers will not guarantee more than this period, so I can't accept the practice of return or exchange, do you understand

  Please see quality warranty policy in bank inform and business policy file, thanks


  B. Transpotation Notice

  1. You should pay for all the transport costs, which is excluded at the first beginning in our price offer.

  2. Please make sure the goods is properly packed in case of any damage during transportation.

  3. The declared value marked on commercial invoices and express waybill should range from 30 to 50 USD, with “samples without commercial value” printed on.

  4. If the product is of no band name, then please write SMTSKY.

  5. We’ll arrange for exchange or return the due money after we had received and checked the goods.

  Thanks for your cooperation.

  C. Product quality problems, we pay the freight method

  If products have quality problem and need to return to SMTSKY, SMTSKY will pay for the express cost. If you return goods to SMTSKY, please tell us the package weight.Because next time your order in our company, you will enjoy a discount in delivery the same weight of this package returned.

  D. Information required for refunding

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