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Delivery Commitments
Delivery Commitment

  • Quote: at the latest 24 hours reply
  • Order: Common product delivery three days, within 3 days of delivery, very provisions made 10 days
  • Stock: Same day shipping

Commitment to Quality

  In the "focus on achievements you and me," the concept of Zhuhai City, Long Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to making independent production and sales agent of products to meet or exceed customer's actual needs, in terms of quality management, in order to achieve "focus on achievements of our clients." the ultimate goal, we are committed to:
  • Strict implementation of ISO9001 quality management system. And to ensure that our products meet customer, regulatory compliance, protection of the environment.
  • Provide appropriate resources, communication and promotion policy to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality system
  • Expand the quality-related training, so that employees recognize responsibilities and participation in the system strictly enforced.
  • Prior to the principle of prevention and continuous improvement, the establishment, implementation and review of operating procedures, to improve product quality and process performance.
  • We insist on quality first, responsible for the integrity, customer first
  • Do not accept bad product, do not produce bad products, do not sell bad products.
The Whole SMT Line Equipment Provider

  • VIp Servicer:Amy.Zhao;Mobile phone:+86-186 6699 8490
  • Manage:SMT Parts & AI Parts Production and Sales.
  • Product:Nozzle,Feeder,Valve,Motor,DRIVER,Cylinder,Sensor,Fuji glue,Antistatic,ESD,Splice,Consumables & More.

We accept the way business:

SMTSKY Asia Limited

  • Add:4th Floor,Pingdong 3 Road 22#,Nanping Science & Technology Industrial Park,Zhuhai,China
  • Email:smt@smtsky.com(smtsky@vip.163.com)(Reply in 2 hours)
  • Fax:+86-756-3899006 Ext:0 (Reply in 24 hours)
  • Tel:+86-756-6839055,+86-756-3899556, +86-756-3899557
  • PC:519060
  • Website:www.smtsky.com
  • SKYPE ID:romeo.han QQ:751981282 /1594785760
  • Service commitment:the latest response within 24 hours
  • Complain:Mobile phone:+86-13326671139 Romeo.Han Email:751981282@qq.com

SMTSKY Business Department

  • The First Business Department:4th Floor,Pingdong 3 Road 22#,Nanping Science & Technology Industrial Park,Zhuhai,China
  • The Second Business Department:2-8-1# Yuzhong District Longxi Road 34 red gold street(take the light rail line 3 red ditches on the 3rd exit straight 100 meters)
  • The Third Business Department:1-2002# Hefei New Station District Yaohai before Quanjiao Road junction with Station Road King Wing Garden(under construction, railway station exit turn left 300 meters)