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About Us
The logo constitutes two parts
  “SMT” and “SKY”, which represent the major field of our business and our business vision. ‘SMT” is design in a firm and moderate way to indicate a reliable image.Meanwhile, it suggests our focus on SMT business as a reliable supplier. The later part “SKY” implies our company’ aim to be the largest supplier of smt , AI parts and auxiliary consumption materials under the sky of China. The letter “s” takes the form of electronic parts and integrates with elements of Tai Chi, which indicate the balanced development and win-win business philosophy of the company. Compared with the first “s” in “smt” , the latter “s” is quite different , which also implies our principle to do right things in right ways rather than rigid operation.

  The circle around “sky” resembles a magnifier, showing our focus on details and our commitment to offer the best qualified products.

● Business Philosophy

SMT-focused, Synergy for win-win result

Only for better


The Whole SMT Line Equipment Provider

Acting brands


SMTSKY Asia Limited Have Two Trademark "SMTSKY" And "SMTAI"