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SMTSKY Introduction
Chairman and Managing Director SMTSKY Asia Limited, the Communist Party of China, Tsinghua EMBA (University of Wales, UK - MBA), business automation operations management coach, SMT engineer, Cisco Certified Network Engineer Assistant, NLP professional coaches, the Communist Party of China - probationary member, Zhuhai City Economic development Association - vice president of the Zhuhai Municipal Science and Technology innovation Association - member units, Peking University - president of Zhuhai SME Seminar student members, Zhuhai, Huizhou personal senior honorary member of the Association.
About Our Company

  Founded in 2003,SMTSKY ASIA LIMITED is one of the largest suppliers of SMT , AI spare parts and auxiliary consumption materials (production indirect material) with its R&D, production and sales perfectly integrated. It is an ISO9001 certificated company with a registered capital of ¥5,000,000. At SMTSKY, we are committed to make the best qualified products under the standards of ISO9001.
  Adhering to the business philosophy Of "Only For Better", we seek to achieve win-win results for our customers, employees andeveryone in the community where we operate our business.
  Subsidiaries: SMTSKY ASIA LIMITED,SMTAI Electronics LIMITED, Wannan Electronics Factory, Hubei Factory
  Main Products:
  SMT/AI Parts,SMT/AI OEM Parts,SMT/AI Original Parts:
  PCB Solder Paste Screen Printer spare parts:
  Stencil Cleaning Rolls, Squeegee holder with Blade, PCB Edge Mounting;
  SMT Splice Tools, SMT Splice Tape; Antistatic ; Electronics Tools; Instrumentation;
  SMT Equipment; SMT Solder: SMT adhesive Glue(FUJI brand), Solder Paste(SMTSKY Brand); SMT Machine maintenance Oil;
  SMT Clean wiper paper/cloth: Industrial Clean Paper; Reflow oven spare Parts,Wave Soldering oven spare Parts.
  For more information, please visit: www.smtsky.com
  Own brands (with Original Intellectual Property Rights ): SMTSKY , SMTAI
  SMTSKY strives to offer the best qualified products for clients in mid- and high-end market. Its products, selling to hundreds of factories and agents, are quite popular at home and abroad. And its annual sales turnover hits high of tens of millions of RMB.

  At SMTSKY, we will maintain to develop cost-effective products to meet the urgent needs of clients and partners. And we will devote to optimizing our business processes and trade model to better serve our clients.

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  Distinguished guests, dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, Good morning.

  On behalf of the staff in SMTSKY ASIA LIMITED, I am glad to extend our gratitude and warm welcome to your for your visit to our company .

  Thank you!

  As the founder of SMTSKY , I am deeply aware that it has been two decades since I started my career.

  During the first decade, I worked hard as an engineering technical personnel. Achieveing win-win results among colleagues,partners and the company remains a key aspect in my working practice.It is during that decade that I grew into a happy confident man.

  When it comes to the later 10 years, I founded SMTSKY ASIA LIMITED and builded up a pipeline of talents. Together, we synergized different resources and optimized our systems .We remain committed to meeting clients’ needs and strive to achieve win-win outcome for every colleague and partner involved in our businees operation. That’s how , I deeply believe that, impossibles are made possible and that’s how we make further miracles.

  Right on this moment, SMTSKY is no longer a little canoe drifting at the sea of business. Rather,it turns into a solid ship with excellent saliors aboard ,moving towards its destination steadfastly.

  The ever-changing international market in the network era is home to both opportunities and challenges. We enjoy the same platform in the information environment with other competitors.

  On the other hand, we are confronted with technical and industrial chain barriers against multinationals. But still I am deeply convinced that, with the support of our clients and the joint effort of all the SMTSKY employees, we can succeed developing a way of our own and make an even brighter future.

  Nowadays we are no longer pursuer of cheap copy goods, but supplier of more qualified products We’ve established our own brand“SMTSKY” with intellectual property right, which is a living proof of our R&D capacity. And we will work even harder with passion and strong vigor to forge ahead with our company culture and business philosophy.

  We will remain to be an efficient, initiative and caring supplier who always dedicated to better products and service. Now we are standing on a new start line for the next ten years to follow.

  And I believe we are fully equiped with passion to embrace its challenges and opportunities. With expectations of our SMTSKY colleagues and clients in mind , together, let’s make a difference for a promising future!


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