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About Us
Corporate Culture


The Whole SMT Line Equipment Provider


Only for better

  We seek to achieve win-win results for our customers, employees and everyone in the community where we operate our business.

Internally: by focusing on work to enhance their comprehensive ability and value, so that the achievements of yourself, your family and all the people around whether the achievement

  External: by providing products and services to help customers achieve their goals, achievement of customer value

  Only for better

  With the current ways of doing things do, think, and further demands on themselves to do better than in the past, to do better than their peers

Company Spirit

Resolutely,Nissin day thing

  Resolutely: rigorous work attitude, quick quick action status

  Nissin day thing: the day's work to make the day pass results


  Complex things-Simplify

  Simple things-Standardize

  Standard things-Automate

Business Objectives

Width, Depth, Speed


  Internally: by taking on more work type and scope, so that their sustainable value, allowing themselves and their families a better life

  External: to provide customers with more kinds of products and services to enhance the value and cost, leaving customers to conveniently


  Refers to the quality of work, a perfect 10 points, 5 being qualified for their integration requirements, it was decided the width of his life and development potential


  Refers to the work efficiency


  Responsibility 100%

  Personal Brand

  The ability to deliver results

  Positive energy transfer

Comprehensive narrative

  Through the company as a platform to support business objectives three degrees to corporate culture "resolutely on the matter clear, focus on achievements you and me, all just for better" state of mind, to go to work and shape the self and the company's image, in order to achieve "focus on the achievements of you and me" business philosophy, the social value!