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Vendor Cooperation Process

  A:Partnership process:

  B:Monthly customer conditions and processes:

Hello Dear Customer!
  To better serve you, please provide the following information related to contact, thank cooperation:


  4.Tel No:
  7Contact phone:
  8.Contact Email:
  9.Contact QQ: MSN: SKYPE:

  If your company can be ordered monthly payment transaction, please provide the following company documents (copies), Division I reviewed before deciding whether to give statements:
  1. Business license
  2. A certified copy of the registration tax
  3. Rent a copy of the registration certificate
  4. General taxpayer billing information
  5. Organization code certificate
  6. Party authentication of relevant information.

  If you are an individual, want to improve the integrity of our business, please provide the following documents (copies):

  1. ID card
  2. Academic certificates
  3. Booklet
  4. Now the unit of work cards
  5. To prove your identity and other relevant documents
  FAX:0756-3899006. www.smtsky.com
  All the information provided above, the Division I have the responsibility and obligation of confidentiality, Thanks for your cooperation.